Sunday, September 2, 2018

In brief...

The Avremier 0e project is finished. All five books are printed. They will all be made available on the DriveThruRPG store. First, as PDF - then as PoD. In the months and years to come, more Avremier goodness will follow.

The next project/product line will be Duckin' & Braggin' - the humor fantasy RPG guide. Based upon the original B/X framework, D&B will encompass our "Sword & Farcery" line of products for the near future.

Moving forward, all offerings will be sold and fulfilled through DTRPG. Mothshade Concepts will not be in the business of printing and shipping books - just writing and producing them.

This blog will be a place for gaming stuff - mostly in the OSR RPG area. More to come.

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