Saturday, July 14, 2018

Blog to the Future

When I started this thing, it was with largely frivolous intent. There was no real plan. Just a place to chronicle some of my gaming pursuits. Well, some of those pursuits panned out and caught on. Avremier became a published property and Mothshade Concepts became a business entity.

From here, things are due to change. I want this blog to be useful. And interesting. Something that reflects the full spectrum of what Mothshade Concepts is meant to be. Yes, there is more than just Avremier...and more than just 0E.. It is my intention to make this blog a more regular and reliable thing. As the initial Avremier 0e project draws to a close with the looming publication of the fifth supplement, I will be diving into other projects and even more Avremier...much more Avremier.

This blog will have editorials and articles. Possibly an occasional review. Definitely some ongoing features. This will be where I address some of the excellent questions I receive from time to time regarding my projects and process. Sometimes, social media just doesn't provide the right forum. This is Mothshade's Lair. You are welcome - and forewarned.