Sunday, September 29, 2013

The OD&D Handbook Project - Part the Eleventh (The (In)Compleat Bard)

So, the bard class debuted in The Strategic Review #6. Some small errors aside, the main point that vexes me during the course of this project is the section on followers. So, for the moment, my draft will incorporate that information as best as I can interpret from the material available.

I've also yet to organize the rules into sections, so Experience comes right after Bard, so far.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The OD&D Handbook Project - Part the Tenth (Been a while...)

Apologies for the lack of update in a while. New job. Tired. Distracted. Grumpy.


Sharing some more pages from the book. Still more to come - I have actually been working on this stuff when time and energy permit. Questions, suggestions, or complaints are most welcome. Thanks for keeping up.

Next time: The (rest of the) Bard.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Shameless Promotion Corner (Pathfinder Edition)

A piece of my short fiction appears in this supplement. I also had a little input into the mechanics. Go get it. Tell all your gamer pals.


"If you've ever wanted to play the Robert Downey version of Sherlock Holmes, or Harry Dresden, or even Batman... this class is for you. "

There are some who take on the mantle of adventurer for the gold and the glory. Others have the dubious title thrust upon them through circumstance or fate. Then there are some who seek out the adventurous life for the sheer sake of knowledge and discovery of the unknown. Enter the Deductionist.

The Deductionist is an original base class which will find a niche in almost any adventuring group. Highly skilled, and incredibly perceptive, the Deductionist overcomes his adversaries with reason, rather than sheer brawn. The Deductionist is a fun class capable of a wide array of abilities and their reason powers grant them almost supernatural abilities.

Each Deductionist is a master of a chosen discipline of knowledge, with almost sage-like ability. With over 38 deductive abilities to overcome their foes, no single Deductionist will be the same. Confound your opponents with the truth, avoid their blows with danger sense, exploit their weaknesses and even learn mystic abilities.

This sourcebook also includes 17 new feats, 13 new pieces of equipment and three new archetypes: The Operative, The Eldritch Inspector and the Shadowed Avenger.

TPK Games always strives to make our products easy on the reader. This sourcebook has complete stat blocks, placed in the text right where you need them. The entire text is invisibly hyperlinked to the website for ease of reference and extensively bookmarked.

Knowledge is power, and it is in your hands now.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The OD&D Handbook Project - Part the Ninth (Leaving the Nest)

The project continues apace. The first book is at 18 pages (each page divided into two) and the character classes are being rounded out with the bard.

That's right - bard.

"But, there was no bard class in the original booklets!"

I know that. I also know that the original intent of this project was to incorporate as many official and "semi-official" OD&D sources as possible. That includes The Strategic Review (ranger, illusionist, monsters, magic, and more) and The Dragon (for similar material). Issue #6 of The Strategic Review introduced the bard class and I am adding it to the project in as coherent a manner as I can.

The bard will be the last class for the first booklet. As it is not really a sub-class, the bard is put at the end of the character class section. I will post more pages from the booklet soon.

Wish me luck when I get to the section on spells. Ugh.