Saturday, October 4, 2014

Out and about...

Well, September was a wash - except...

I've acquired at least three new players for my home campaign. So - that makes a party of five. Let the good times roll!

The campaign starts again next Saturday, October 11th.

In the meantime...

Today, I stopped by my "new" FLGS. I've been out of circulation for a while and really wanted to reconnect with my gamer brethren. It was a great experience - even if I am currently broke. In fact, my lack of disposable income has really impacted by hobby pursuits. I no longer collect games.

Let me clarify that.

I won't get into games that require me to keep purchasing expansions and new pieces to keep playing. I realize that is now the way of things, but I just can't do it. No more CCGs. No more miniature wargames where I am required to sink my resources into more and more warbands and paints and scenery. No more RPGs with countless splatbooks I don't need or have any respect for. Not even boardgames with regular expansions and add-ons.

Wait --- I know I don't HAVE to buy most of these things to enjoy or participate in the games. BUT - these games encourage and support such an approach to play. I don't want that. I don't want the same stuff with a different twist shoved in my face whenever I turn around. I don't want rehashed junk pushed on me. I don't want a new edition of the same game thrust upon me every two or three years because the old version was somehow not hip enough.

I can't afford it and I just don't care enough.

I have lots of games and gaming stuff. I tend to write and create my own material. The idea is to make money and support an industry - I get that. I feel I've done my bit for the cause during the past 30+ years. Time for others to pick up the torch.

Go forth and conquer.