Sunday, May 21, 2017

One down - two to go.

About five years ago, I started on a personal project to compile and edit (for clarity and conciseness only) all the rules and options (as I felt necessary) for the original edition of the First Fantasy RPG. The goal was three volumes for my personal use, and to share with all those who might be interested. Along the way, I got distracted by a similar project to compile and edit my own Avremier campaign setting for similar publication – except that one became a business venture. Today, I have pushed to complete the first of the three original volumes, started in 2013. While the other two volumes are forthcoming – it may be some time, as work on Avremier takes precedence.

What the OD&D Compilation is:

·         A personal project made for purposes of historic research and personal utility. As there is no original material, no claim of ownership is made by the author and every volume will be offered without cost in PDF format. For the purpose of this project, “0E” refers to any rules or options intended for use with the first published edition of the game, offered through what the author considers official TSR sources.
·         All 0E material deemed relevant from the original three books of Men & Magic, Monsters & Treasure, and The Underworld & Wilderness Adventures + Supplements I-III + The Strategic Review + The Dragon magazine.
·         All included material organized as coherently and as sensibly as possible. Rules and information sorted into full sections and in a sort of Players Handbook style of organization.
·         Information organized, edited, and worded to the author’s preferences. Made as clear, consistent, and concise as possible, without altering or adjusting any rule or detail. Ideally, the game can be played with only these three volumes, with every available rule and supplemental option deemed suitable by the author.
·         A simple PDF file, suited to the needs and preferences of the author.

What the OD&D Compilation is not:

·         A retroclone of any kind. This is a compilation of the original rules and options, presented in a fashion that the author considers easier to use and consult. Nothing has been changed — only worded and organized with an effort toward better coherence and clarity.
·         An illustrated compilation. These volumes contain only text and tables. No frills. No art.
·         An original work. Everything is derivative of earlier works and sources — just presented as the author prefers.
·         For sale or publication. This is a personal project offered as-is, at no cost, in PDF format, to anyone that wants it.

Saturday, May 6, 2017


A lot of folks disliked the alternate covers for the WotC reprints of the 0E books. I was fine with them, but there are always other options. My own covers for the Avremier books take inspiration from the originals. Still, it amuses me to consider what could have been.