Saturday, March 31, 2018

You have a very high badness level - I can tell...

Creating monsters for the Avremier setting is a lot of fun.
Creating villains for the Avremier setting is even more fun.
A lot of monsters/villains of Avremier are variants or amalgams of existing creatures - designed to suit a specific concept or circumstance. Less work is good - and not having to build a monster from the ground-up is a good example of less work.
Sometimes, you just have a niche that needs to be filled with something special.
Sometimes, an existing monster just isn't awful enough for your purpose.
Sometimes, a play on words just demands to be carried through to the bitter end.
And then, there are those glorious moments that encompass all three.

This is one of those moments.

·        Will-o-Lich: Glowing, flying demilich skull that creates will-o-wisp slaves from drained souls. When the ‘wisps feed upon the life force of their dying victims, a portion of that energy is channeled to their maker. The ‘lich has all the properties of a will-o-wisp, able to become nothing more than an immaterial globe of light and unable to utilize its “death howl” ability during that time. If choosing not to glow, the immaterial ‘lich is effectively invisible. 

      It is thought (hoped) that only one of these monsters exists, and the identity of the will-o-lich in life is unknown.

AC -7, Move 15”, HD 75 hp. 

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