Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Bayou & Sorcery RPG

Avremier 0e, as an initial project, is drawing to a close. The fifth book is due to print in mid-2018. That's this very year. Much as I've enjoyed getting Avremier down for public consumption, I'm looking forward to making progress on a few other projects. The newest of those is a "Southern Gothic Fantasy" setting called RedStaff (a "clever" play on Baton Rouge).

As Avremier is partially an exercise in non-traditional setting influences beyond the usual "Fantasy Europe," so is RedStaff a project with an unusual flavor. Bayous and plantations. Cities overgrown with lush greenery and Gothic embellishment. A possibly corrupt Magocracy challenged by an equally-corrupt (and upstart) Theocracy. Dangerous and alien magic tenuously harnessed by dynastic Mage Houses. A class of artificial homunculus slaves. A class of voluntary undead servants. Hag Queens that rule entire cities or districts. Canals, gambling, and riverboat parties. Deadly fevers and lavish excess.

A little Lovecraft. Maybe some Anne Rice. Possibly even some True Blood. Definitely a bit of Glen Cook's saga of The Black Company. A dash of Disney's The Princess and the Frog? A picture forms.


  1. Ooh... As someone who spent many years living in Louisiana, this looks interesting. I'll be keeping my eyes out for any further updates.

  2. I'll try not to keep you waiting TOO long. Always glad to have you along for the ride.