Friday, August 4, 2017

Avremier Fiction

I'd like to address this long-running topic in an open and comprehensive manner.

For years, it has been suggested that I write novels based upon my RPG setting and campaigns. Some people want to be in a book. Some people don't play, but would like to follow the adventures. Others do play and want to see more of Avremier. That's all good.

But I still have no plans to write Avremier novels. Avremier is but one milieu for my creative endeavors. It is meant for gaming. I know there are famous writers that have made their fortune by translating game to novel. I know how much interest there is in Avremier - that's why Mothshade Concepts is publishing supplements at a brisk pace.

Tell you what we are planning to do...

Avrethology. A collection of short tales, journal entries, amusing dialogues, and expanded scenes - collected and organized in a single volume. No rules or stats - just story and color. Avremier for the masses. We hope you'll join the adventure.