Sunday, November 20, 2016

Three Years Later...

Before embarking upon the Avremier 0e project, I delved into research of the very first published D&D rules for my own education and reference. For various reasons, I decided to create my own books that encompassed everything I felt was essential or relevant to 0e, then compile it all in a more organized fashion - for my own use.

That was over three years ago.

The first volume (Men & Magic) is almost finished. All that remains is to compile and detail all the Cleric, Illusionist, and Druid spells. The Magic-User spells were finished a few minutes ago. The work is time-consuming, but not terribly difficult. It would be done by now if not for Avremier 0e.
In other words, this is the "base rule set" that Avremier 0e is based upon. Nothing is updated or altered, just compiled and presented in an organized fashion - with my own wording.

Now, the intent is to offer these compilations as free PDFs when they are finished. While I've compiled and organized all this information, none of it is my own work. As always, you will be notified through this very forum when the finished product is available. For the sake of clarity, here is what the project entails:

Totally unauthorized mockup cover.
This presentation of the rules will provide full coverage of the game, as originally presented. Any changes or edits are included for clarity and completeness. All relevant rules or additions from supplements and magazines (The Strategic Review and The Dragon) are also provided, in proper place and context. For the sake of brevity and continuity, Chainmail is not used as a reference, as those rules were modified for Dungeons and Dragons in the earliest supplements, and these rules incorporate the alternate combat system.


  1. I've had half a mind to do this myself several times, but the sheer size of the task turned me off. Can't wait to see how your go at it turns out!

  2. For the first volume, at least, you won't need to wait much longer.