Monday, November 7, 2016

Back and Forth

Back from GameholeCon and looking forward to ringing out the year with a new Avremier book. We even have an incomplete mock-up to share. The final product should have some adventurers on the ground, running for their lives.

This year's GameholeCon was outstanding. Played in Ernie Gygax's Hobby Shop Dungeon session. Played the Ghost Tower of Inverness with Alan Hammack himself. Met folks. Made contacts. Made friends. Commissioned a piece of art for a future Avremier product (stay tuned). Bought games. Good times. Going back next year.

The next Con for Mothshade Concepts will be GaryCon IX - our first attendance ever. Such excite!             

More news to come. For now, enjoy a brief sneak peek at the forthcoming Dhavon supplement.

Thanks for reading.

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