Monday, January 29, 2018

Once and Future Avremier

One of the underlying concepts of Avremier as a setting is that it can be presented in different eras of world history, present events, and future possibilities. Also, each era can be impacted by events that have gone before. The idea of "Make This YOUR Avremier" is more than a tagline.

While Players and Referees can make their own history, the "default setting" is known for specific events that shaped Avremier as offered in published supplements. These events can be included or left out, as desired - or, as gameplay dictates. Each event, by its occurrence or absence, has the potential to change the structure of the setting in major ways.

For example, an Avremier campaign could be run during the time humans first came to these shores. There would be no human civilization beyond fortified encampments. PCs would be exclusively human - unless the partymembers were made up entirely of native species. PCs could conceivably influence the entire future of human society in the setting. Perhaps humanity prevails during the Harrowing. Maybe humanity is exterminated. Could be the Harrowing is avoided entirely. Such a setting might have no halflings or gnomes *GASP*. PC race options might include humanoid otters and badgers instead. Or, giant upright pangolins.

Some "Era Supplements" would include:

Avremier: Arrival.
Avremier: Settlement.
Avremier: Harrowing.
Avremier: Compact.
Avremier: Heritor.
Avremier: Planewrack.
Avremier: Crucible.
Long ago, there was even a setting option called Dwelethyr - the world before humans showed up. 

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