Thursday, December 28, 2017

Alphabetical List of Female Authors of Fantasy/SciFi

This list is partially a result of some thoughtful conversations from the past few years. The genre(s) enjoys works from many talented and prolific writers of the non-male gender. Those names that follow are all from my own library. No claims as to quality or your own likelihood of enjoyment are given or implied. No reviews are forthcoming. This is just a list. Many of these writers are no longer active. Their works are long out of print. Any name not found here is absent only by chance. This is not meant as a comprehensive list – just as a list. I’ve enjoyed reading books from every single one. Most (or all) are well worth looking for.

·         Lynn Abbey
·         Leigh Brackett
·         Louise Cooper
·         Susan Cooper
·         Susan Dexter
·         Diane Duane
·         Lynn Flewelling
·         Mary Gentle
·         J.V. Jones
·         Katherine Kurtz
·         Ursula K. Le Guin
·         Tanith Lee
·         R.A. MacAvoy
·         Patricia A. McKillip
·         Janet Morris
·         Andre Norton
·         Jody Lynn Nye
·         Diana L. Paxson
·         Meredith Ann Pierce
·         Jessica Amanda Salmonson
·         Elizabeth Scarborough
·         Kathleen Sky
·         Nancy Springer
·         Caroline Stevermer
·         Judith Tarr
·         Sherri S. Tepper
·         Kim Wilkins
·         Terri Windling
·         Janny Wurts
·         Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

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