Friday, September 8, 2017

The Avremier Metagame

The evolution of Avremier as a campaign setting came about partially due to attempts at making many of the rules-based game specifics a rational part of the game world. For example - why humans were able to pursue certain classes and demihumans could not. Avremier is, in part, an exercise in the mitigation of metagaming.

Many of the background elements and setting secrets exist as world-specific answers to player (and DM) concerns over what has been perceived as gaps or weaknesses in the rules. In Avremier, there are setting-based reasons for the following:

  • Human "superiority" in the adventuring classes.
  • Human "mastery" of arcane spellcasting.
  • Human cleric adventurers - while there are no demihuman cleric PCs.
  • The lack of half-human races (an Avremier standard).
  • PC level limits.
  • And others...
Not every rule or option is explained or incorporated into the setting - but, those that caught my attention are. The setting also was not created around these efforts - it was an organic progression that built upon specific needs and preferences. Avremier has been about 35 years in development, through almost every edition of the game. The entire campaign history of play has been incorporated into this development - meaning that there is actual played history to the campaign setting. The actions of countless adventuring parties have contributed to the history and evolution of Avremier as a game world.

So, Avremier is a combination of my own writing and preference combined with the choices and influences of many, many players of the game throughout the years. It has been my goal to use what works best along the way. That practice continues to this day. 

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