Saturday, February 25, 2017

Always an Adventure

Avremier 0e Supplement I is finished and printed. The print run would have shipped by now if it weren't for my madness. The madness of always pushing and experimenting. Not content to produce another 80-page booklet, I also decided to include an adventure as an entirely separate booklet.

You see, the first Avremier 0e booklet was a loving homage to the original Greyhawk supplement.
Dhavon, this booklet, is something of an homage to Blackmoor. That means a castle (of sorts) on the cover, and the first-ever published adventure for the setting.

The adventure has taken a bit longer than hoped and has increased a little beyond the initial projected page count. Also, in a rather coincidental callback to The Temple of the Frog, there are some "unusual" aspects to the villain and some parts of the adventure itself. And, as this is the first Avremier adventure I've written for publication, I'm having to offer more than disjointed notes and mental bookmark details for myself. This is not easy for me. Regardless, the project continues to push toward the finish line. Just not soon enough for this bloke.

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