Thursday, January 12, 2017

Fantasy Pair-O-Dice

Avremier is not my idea of a perfect fantasy world.

I open with this because I want to be clear. Avremier was not created to be everything I wanted in fantasy gaming. It also wasn't the result of my being a "frustrated writer." I am, in fact, a "published writer." It may be my writer's soul that shaped the Avremier setting.

Does Avremier include a lot of fantasy elements that I particularly enjoy? Of course it does. I'm not doing all of this as some kind of karmic penance. More importantly, Avremier includes a lot of fictional, historical, mythological, and sociological elements that I find interesting. The years I've spent running campaigns set in Avremier have helped me develop those elements, and to decide what works.

Don't misconstrue that last statement. I've kept some elements that don't seem to work. Either, because I particularly like them, or, because I feel they are essential to the setting. As I hear far too often in response to specific questions, "It's your game - do what you want."  I happen to feel it is a game that belongs to all the participants, but I may be in the minority.

So, I never really set about to create a fantasy setting that was better than the others. I never thought to emulate an existing fantasy world. Bits and pieces of inspiration were borrowed from many sources (some of which I've listed elsewhere), but mostly as reference for my own concepts - as shortcuts. Less work - more fun, right?

I was pretty clear on what I didn't want, but the rest came about organically through stories I wanted to share (not tell), and concepts I wanted to explore. Through the years, as my tastes and interests changed, so did Avremier. Today's setting is practically unrecognizable from the world I was building in 1984. While it may be a "best of" the various flavors and iterations that Avremier has endured, it isn't my ideal world. It was never meant to be. And, it never will be.