Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Avremier Villainy - Ten Good Reasons for Being Bad

In my campaign setting, the bad guys (or gals) tend to be other than mustache-twirling villains who let loose with an occasional evil cackle or like to spontaneously kill an innocent bystander or their own minion just to show how b-a-d they are. So - why do they do it? Why tempt fate by drawing attention from gung ho adventurers armed to the teeth with plus-loaded weapons and shiny magic items?

Well, here are a few thoughts.

1. Divinity: When simple immortality just isn't enough and only godhood will do. This villain wants it all - and worshippers to-boot.

2. Evolution: To advance life toward an intended stage or state - and not necessarily the villain's. The villain may genuinely want to "improve" a race in some way. Perhaps the villain wants an army of humanoid rhinos and only normal rhinos are available. In any case, it is evolve or die.

3. Genocide: On the other hand, there is obviously an entire species or group that needs to be wiped out. Undone. To the last child. They might be hated by the villain. Maybe they're feared. They all have to go.

4. Immortality: One lifetime is simply not enough to achieve the desired range of villainy. The villain is not going to take defeat lying down - ever.

5. Obligation: Answers to a higher authority or calling. A leader, ruler, deity, prophecy/destiny. Whatever the case, this villain is just a nasty pawn in a greater game.

6. Obsession: The villain really, really wants something and is hyper-focused upon it. Nothing can get between them. Nothing must thwart the acquisition of the desired thing. Nothing else will do. No cost is too great.

7. Parental: A child or descendant deserves to rule where the villain can or will not. This surrogate needs a firm and loving hand to guide them to their destiny. If a dynasty is started - all the better.

8. Proliferation: The species must multiply - thrive - spread. Perhaps they've run out of room in their natural habitat. Maybe they've been driven out of their homeland. Or, that homeland was destroyed - maybe by themselves. They need a new home/land/world and yours looks perfect.

9. Revelation: This villain wants to talk to whomever is in charge. The big cheese. The Creator. Could be the villain has a burning question about the meaning of life. Maybe the villain has a complaint. Or, the villain might want to actually confront the Almighty and kick some ass.

10. Revenge: The villain's retaliation has somehow gotten out of hand. Maybe the wrong person got punished - an innocent, or caught in the crossfire. Maybe some dark and terrible force called up by the villain to wreak this revenge got loose and is running amok. Maybe the villain just couldn't stop at one revenge and is now on a crazed spree.

(artwork is Tristezza by  http://cosmosue.deviantart.com/ - all rights are hers)

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