Thursday, January 28, 2016

How I Did It - The Beginning

Thus begins a series of...what - articles? Editorials? Tutorials? Certainly not tutorials - do not do what I did. Uh-uh.

This poor blog has lost its purpose and momentum. So much going on. Still, I want to try. This is me trying.
I'll start a series detailing the process of creating my long-standing campaign world/setting/multiverse/what-have-you.

Why? Because I feel it will serve me well. Also, there are actually a few people out there that have expressed curiosity.

Currently, I am in the throes of yet another restructuring of my setting. I've had some thoughts and concerns. I've looked into the future of my campaign and seen a few hurdles that I might avoid with some creative effort now.

What will you have to look forward to? Mostly, an in-depth and exhausting - sorry, exhaustive, account of how my campaign world developed from the fitful beginnings...all the way to the fitful here-and-nows. I will share my motivations, inspirations, ups, downs, zigs, zags, and offer glimpses behind the curtain from time to time. It might not make much sense, but it might give some of you the satisfaction of knowing you never had to suffer through the process yourselves.

Why this title? Because this is something that should never have been written - but it is.

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