Saturday, August 16, 2014

Gazing into my cracked and bloodstained crystal ball...

Well - another month has passed, with precious little to show for it.

I've been tapped for the editorial staff of & Magazine. And all I did was submit an article after the editor asked me to write it. Can you imagine the calamity?! I hope to be worthy of the honor. Doubts plague me.

Still no gaming group. Considered running an online game. Don't know that I could handle the workload. Possibly my own warped perceptions, but it feels that running an online game is even more work for me than DMing in my own home. I admit it could be just me. is a daunting proposition. I just don't think I handle it well. Maybe I need some pointers.

Because I have no game, I've decided to focus a little more on writing for publication. That just means that I'm going to do my best to format all of my gaming stuff for public consumption - even if it is just free PDFs for the hapless masses. If I can submit any of my stuff and get paid - so much the better...but I'm not going to assume. In any case, I think it will do me good to get in the habit of writing for an audience other than myself. It will be good practice as I seek more and more freelance gigs.

Planning to have more to share soon-ish. Possibly some brief reviews of some nifty adventures and products. Definitely some original content of my own. Still bashing out my OD&D project. Bits and pieces, to be sure - but still striving to contribute.

Game on.

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