Sunday, July 28, 2013

The OD&D Handbook Project - Part the Seventh (References and Expansions)

With research and revision comes revelation and reconsideration. I said back here that I would be including all relevant rules and references from Chainmail in my version of the original D&D rules. I have since changed my mind due to the fact that (as far as I can determine) the supplements (mainly Greyhawk) effectively replaced or standardized any Chainmail rules referenced in the first three booklets. That is a big help to me for a project like this. For the most part, I would rather look forward from the role-playing treatment of Men & Magic, rather than back to the game's wargaming roots.

Also, I have decided to include any relevant and developmental material from The Strategic Review and earliest issues of The Dragon which dealt with this pre-Basic/AD&D ruleset. For example, the second issue of The Strategic Review presented the very first treatment of the Ranger class. How can I pass that up?

More to come as I continue to delve into fantasy gaming history. In the meantime, a couple more page samples. Due to some substantial edits among the previous work, there will be some previously-shared material among these previews.

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