Monday, January 28, 2013

Busy Blogger Break

Apologies for the lack of blog lately.

This blogger is working a crappy not-quite-full-time job while searching for a not-so-crappy full-time job. If anyone has a not-so-crappy full-time job to offer, please don't be shy.

Plus, he is an Associate Editor for Lore magazine.
Plus, he is freelancing for a couple of modest gaming companies - and they keep asking him for more...which is deliriously wonderful.
Plus, he is running an online PbP Labyrinth Lord game.
Plus, he is running a 1E AD&D home game.
Plus, he is editing his completed first novel while working on the second.

So, while you eagerly await the next dubious installment of this blog, I will leave you with a kind-of-relevant funny picture from my personal collection. Original art by the esteemed John Kovalic. Altered lyrics/caption and layout by Yours Truly.


Thank you for reading.


  1. This is beautiful. Truly.

  2. AND all the other dwarves,
    They try and SLAAAY ME!
    I'm still a kobold,
    Still ate your baby.

  3. You fugging LOVED THIS! Admit it.