Sunday, July 29, 2012

Nightshade and Cream

Being an update to:

Vital Stats

DM: Me.
Players: My wife.
Characters: Skylynn Cree (PC elf), Sand (NPC halfling).
System: DDOS (D&D Old School - my variant of B/X D&D)
Character Level: Starting at 1st.

Being the adopted daughter of a fairly minor noble, I decided to introduce Ms. Cree to the world of heroic adventure at a wine tasting event. As my wife is interested in a little mystery and intrigue, it is my intention to give her a murder to solve. Because I am me, the murder to solve will be her own.

The opening arc of the campaign will be set in: 

Brising: Found along the northwestern coast of Dhavon, the region of Brising is famed for its wineries and orchards. Another great agrarian community, Brising provides fruit and nut commodities to many settlements across the land. This region also offers woodcrafts and produce from the sea. Brisingers have long disputed certain water rights with the denizens of neighboring Parateva and these disagreements occasionally result in acts of river piracy. Spice-scented Ciderhome is this region’s capital. Nearby Cidermill Pond is the location of the largest and most successful cider mill in the world. Source of the famous Yellowjacket Cider and Hard Amber Cider, this body of water is fed by the rushing stream known as Cider Run. Other towns and villages include Avremal, Cabrin Falls, Darogan, Greenbriar, Mill Hollow, Mulberry Downs, and Steepletop.

The opening scenes will be set at:
·         The Gilded Swan Inn: An old and respected establishment, this three-story structure boasts eight private rooms, three full suites, and four detached cottages for rent. The Gilded Swan started as a military garrison more than a century past and even the inner walls and doors are capable of resisting a few blows from a battering ram. Among the inn's numerous claims to fame, the discerning guest can look forward to a mechanized elevator, hot spring-fed baths, and exceptionally fine vintages from the Gilded Swan's own winery.

The first game should start today. More to come.


  1. How long have you been working on the background for this particular set of adventures? Have you got the whole story arc plotted out, or are you going to play it how it comes?

  2. As it is a solo campaign for my wife, I have been able to cheat a bit more than usual. The overall setting and plot came about through pre-campaign discussions with the kind of adventures she might like. I've been able to borrow for quite a bit of older, unused material jotted down over the years. I've been working on the campaign for a couple of weeks - between everything else. I have the first adventure arc planned out. I have an outline for the next few adventures after that. Still, I am leaving quite a bit flexible and sketchy - to run as it comes.

  3. I'm curious - why those particular questions?

  4. If Eben Greenfield, Cleric of Yondalla (RIP) and later Moradin (The Shield of The Halflings) and burglar of renown (retired) is NOT the mayor of Mulberry Downs I will be very disappointed in you and your wife both.

  5. ...and there was much rejoicing!

  6. Eben Greenfield, Lord-Mayor of Mulberry Downs.

  7. I am humbled by your homage. I know if you were Mark you would have him catch VD and die horribly...but you're not Mark so that's good...

  8. True. My plans involve a 10' spiked pit, a drunken horny otyugh, and Asmodeus's infamous Ruby Rod.