Thursday, April 5, 2018

Yes - magic.

I've listened to people insist that "Because - magic" is a copout in fantasy fiction or gaming.

Okay. Agreed. Tentatively.

These are many of the same folks that seem fine with dodging laser blasts, fiery explosions in space, and lightsabers - but, that's cool.

Right now, I only care to address this in regard to the Avremier setting. Avremier has magic. In fact, to some extent, the setting IS magic. If you see things like islands floating on the surface of the sea, a group of mountains sitting by themselves in an area that looks unlikely for mountains, a great big rubble-choked gap between two broken halves of the planet, or a diseased-looking moon hanging suspiciously close to the world - assume there are valid reasons - probably to do with elemental, divine, or magical forces. But, trust that there will be a purpose behind it all. Not to serve as a plot device. Not because it looks kewl. Not for the sake of being weird. But, because the setting warranted it.

Because - verisimilitude.


  1. One of the things that most stands out to me about Avremier as a setting is the distinction between divine and arcane magic (to use 3e terms for the moment)---that the invading humans brought their gods and divine magic with them into Avremier when they arrived.


  2. The distinction goes to the very core of what makes the setting. As details are revealed, the true nature of humanity will take shape.