Saturday, July 23, 2016

Giving 0e F***s

As I wrap up the manuscript for the Avremier 0e booklet, so many thoughts and memories assail my fevered brain. In an effort to relieve the pressure, I'd like to share a few with those of you that stop by from time to time.

Coasting through my mid-40s, I find myself taking so much with less gravity or severity. My writing is including more humor. My gaming material is showing more concepts for the sake of fun, rather than drama or conflict. I'm recalling more from my childhood reading and gaming experiences. Hell, I included the Flutterpotamus in the Avremier book - with detailed illustration!

My willingness to invest in sandbox-y adventure rather than episodic gloom-and-doom campaigning comes as no surprise to myself, but I find that I am taken away from D20 gaming in favor of "old-school" rules. Simple-and-fun becomes more and more of a priority for me. While I enjoy Pathfinder and 5E, my creative efforts are focused more on 1E and before.

"But, dude, you've said this before." I hear what you're saying and you're absolutely correct. I have - because it is important. I have this blog that is focused on pre-D20 (and even pre-2E) D&D gaming. I am now venturing into OSR publishing with the Avremier 0e project. Surely, I can achieve greater success by writing for D20 gaming. Probably so. I just don't enjoy it as much.

"Nostalgia," some snort dismissively. Sure. Why not? What's wrong with nostalgia? I may not have many fond memories of my early days, but I treasure those I do have. I use those memories to inform some of my current creations. Some of my very popular current creations. "Old" does not always mean "tired." Stuff I loved as a kid appeals very strongly to kids today. Consequently, "new" does not always mean "improved." Often, "new" is just "different."

I've done new. And different. Enjoyed them both. Along the way, I've not lost my craving for adventure, wonder, or magic. Avremier is my fantasy gaming world. It always has been. There are elements of "classic" fantasy meshed with newer aspects of the genre(s). There is myth, legend, and fairy tale. Also, here and there, can be found elements I like to think of as distinctively "mine."

It is 2016 and I am creating the stories and games that I want. To my delight, I'm finding a great many others who want them too. My worlds, and welcome to them.


  1. Well said! I'm looking forward to Avremier. :-)

  2. In honor of Gary Gygax Day, the first limited printing is underway.