Sunday, January 11, 2015

Catacombs and Necromancers

The Shunned Catacombs of Night's Embrace.

That's the title of my current in-house campaign arc. Night's Embrace - a bad-ass necromancer-type who caused trouble across the land a number of years back. Who or what is Night's Embrace? No one seems to know. Male or female? Human or otherwise? Alive or undead? The villain wore a mask and was never seen without it. Voice? Some quiet and distorted thing heard from behind that trademark mask.

There it is - more or less. White ceramic mask without much in the way of features.

The "Shunned Catacombs?" Well, that's the dungeon site for the final confrontation. The place where the necromancer was entombed. But, since servants of Night's Embrace keep popping up to murder the surviving heroes that put the villain there, some people are concerned. But, since the Catacombs were built to keep Night's Embrace sealed within, checking on the necromancer's current condition is a little difficult. Especially since a certain set of Figurines of Wondrous Power are required to gain access.

Do our heroes have those Figurines? Yes, they do. Soon, they will be ready to brave the Shunned Catacombs and face Night's Embrace for what many hope will be the final time.